Its an age old question if assignments are at all necessary for students. It seems college assignments nowadays are more geared towards unnecessary theoretical fillers as opposed to inculcating practical skill sets.

So the question remains if at all such assignments are necessary for students? To answer that we will have to understand the objective of an assignment. Usually assignments are tasked to extract learning outcomes from a module and ensure that a student understands them. Here is a link to all the things a student is expected to do at a college.

However, increasingly such assignments are turning out to be more like a stepping stone to a paper degree, than focusing on creating skill sets. Universities pressurize colleges to churn out more graduates and colleges in turn pressurize professors and teachers to pass more students.

What is left behind in this race, is the future of the students. Simple, giving out and grading assignments creates no future, acceptable skill sets or analytical ability as it is claimed. Then what is the requirement of such assignments in a students life?

As I see it, there are two ways to approach this-

Either do your best hoping that you might actually learn something even though most tutors themselves have no idea about the subject and the teachers are more focused on the mechanical aspect;

or, make use of the time to actually gain work experience, while getting your assignments done.

Now I know that most of the people reading this would be appalled. Terming it as cheating, loss of academic integrity! To them my question stands, how does creating a paper degree hold up academic integrity?

Write back to me with your thoughts, would love to know what other students think!


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